HACPACK PCS is the Port Community System created and branded by Chemical Controls Ltd. and its highly selected team of IT developers, chemical engineers and logistic experts. HACPACK PCS fully complies with the rules of AgID, the national agency of the Digital Agenda for Europe, in relation to the digitalization of documents. The system is made up of three different interacting modules: HACPACK Portal, HACPACK Digital Signature and HACPACK DCS (substitutive storage). HACPACK Portal, PCS core module, is web platform allowing port operators to easily generate authorization requests and quickly forward them to the relevant authorities. The list of possible requests include, for instance, an authorization demand for the bunkering, transferring or loading and unloading processes of dangerous goods as well as routine ISPS communications.

HACPACK Digital Signature subsequently allows to digitally authenticate the documents generated with HACPACK Portal in compliance with the existing laws and regulations. Finally HACPACK DCS carries out the substitutive storage operations of every document generated by the PCS. HACPACK PCS is integrated with HACPACK PTS 3D© and HACPACK PTS 3D Mobile©.


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