PTS3d and real image

HACPACK PTS 3D evolved from HACPACK© and is a highly performative software solution for the monitoring and the management of all port activities that uses advanced 3D interactive mapping technologies.

Product demo as presented at  Miami Cruise Shipping 2013 

Monitored activities include:

  • Vessels movement within the port area
  • Vessels movement in roadstead
  • Vessels data
  • Passengers, crew and on board vehicles data
  • Approach request data
  • Goods movement data (embarking, disembarking, transit and storage)
  • Management of dangerous goods (goods type, quantity and classification, risk analysis, certificates, prescriptions, emergency data sheets)
  • Jettison operations in roadstead
  • Waste management
  • Underwater operations
  • Activities requiring the use of heating sources
  • Towpath operations
  • Weather forecasts
  • Traffic management within the port area
  • Management of entries and exits in and out the port area
  • Public works
  • Roadworks

The software allows to constantly monitor every single port activity providing in real time detailed information and reports about risks and accurate and reliable guidelines to effectively respond to an emergency situation thus noticeably increasing the general safety and security standards of the port area.

Moreover our software solution allows a quick and reliable elaboration of reports and stats of the monitored activities.

PTS Work 3D at work

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Piombino (Livorno)

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